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ORDERING - Please contact your funeral home to order our products.  Your funeral home director can then contact us at or your funeral home may call us at (641) 774-5313 to place your order.


Explore the original Cremation Capsule urn-vault combinations, with designs just as unique as your loved one!

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About Cremation Capsule

Convention photo Our Cremation Capsules were made for the sole purpose of giving families the comfort of knowing they have done everything to protect and preserve the integrity of their loved one.


  Meet the newest addition to our Cremation Capsule line of products- keepsakes are now available!    

 Cremation Capsule is pleased to announce our newly updated website and Facebook pages.  Improvements have been made to our capsule.  We have changed the size of the capsule to better accommodate burial/placement into a 12" x 12" space.

Our new size capsule now measures 11 3/8" tall x 9" diameter.  The Cremation Capsule remains strong, airtight and weather resistant for the ultimate protection.  We also feel the new size will make it easier for funeral home staff to handle and transport.

All round Cremation Capsules remain the same size (8 1/2" diameter).

We at Cremation Capsule would like to hear from your funeral home on how our recent change has helped you. Please contact us at or call 641-774-5313.