About Cremation Capsule

Funerals and burial options have changed over the years. Over the last five years, in particular, it is no longer required to be attired in a suit or Sunday best, and no longer required to be a mourning event. Funerals are often a ‘celebration of life’ with the deceased honored in a number of new ways.

The Cremation Capsules are made in Iowa and owner, Earl Bell, was born and raised in Chariton, Iowa. Earl has been a gravedigger since the 1970’s. His father was also a gravedigger.

As a professional in the burial industry for over 35 years, Earl has been through many diverse weather and burial conditions. During the Fall of 2009, he observed that the demands of the cremation industry were dramatically increasing, and he began work on a unique urn and vault design to memorialize the deceased. He created the Cremation Capsule, which is an urn and vault combination strong enough to meet burial regulations, yet attractive enough for display.

Burial at a cemetery is something that Earl promotes.”With cremation, there are several alternatives, but we promote cemetery burial so families have a place to visit, and because genealogy and history have become more important. And there is a big piece of history behind each individual.”

The Cremation Capsule provides an urn/vault you can relate to while providing superior protection. The Cremation Capsules were developed for the sole purpose of giving families the comfort of knowing they had done everything to protect and preserve the integrity of their loved ones.

The Cremation Capsule is an urn-vault developed for the best protection while still having a personal touch in remembrance of your loved one.  The capsules are constructed of high tensile, high impact ABS plastic. A capsule measures 11 3/8″ tall with a 9 inch diameter outside. Inside capsule dimensions are 10 7/8″  with a 8 3/16″ diameter.  Properly sealed, they are airtight and resist all soil and water conditions for the ultimate protection.

The golf ball and fishing bobber capsules (round capsules) measure 8 1/2″ with inside diameter of 8″.

For interment, the weight and digging size of the capsule makes it easy to handle and bury!

The golf ball and bobber are patented.

ORDERING – Please contact your funeral home to order our products.  Your funeral home director can then contact us at cremationcapsule@gmail.com or your funeral home may call us at (641) 774-5313 to place your order.